The current Town of Dillon is a relative youngster compared to the town that existed for almost 100 years at the confluence of the Blue, Snake and Ten Mile rivers. In 1961, the entire town was uprooted and moved to make way for the new Dillon Reservoir. It now sits on the wooded shores of this 3,300 acre body of water. Dillon Reservoir is one of Colorado’s most beautiful water recreation areas, surrounded on all sides by unrivaled mountain panoramas. The crystal clear water, cool mountain air and breathtaking scenery combine to create an unforgettable experience for those that recreate in this beautiful area.

The waters of the Dillon Reservoir provide the focal point for summers in Dillon. The Dillon Marina, home of the world’s highest yacht club, attracts boating enthusiasts from throughout the country and regattas are a regular summer fare. The lake literally comes alive on summer weekends with vibrant, colorful sails set against bright blue water, lush green mountains, and quite often still snow-capped peaks. In addition to summer weekend regattas, the marina hosts an ASA certified sailing school as well as a wide array of boat rentals, June through October.

The Town of Dillon is home to many amenities in addition to the marina. A scenic path encircles the lake for the enjoyment of bikers, runners and walkers. The Lake Dillon Amphitheater is home to the free Thursday evening “Nature Night” program, the free “Sunset at the Summit” Saturday evening concerts and the Sunday morning non-denominational worship services throughout the summer months. An evening at the Dillon Amphitheater is a great way to experience a magnificent sunset over the lake while giving your ears a musical treat. For those who enjoy amateur local talent, the Lake Dillon Theater provides plays and concerts in its historical building. The Friday Farmer’s Market is one of Dillon’s most popular ongoing summer events. Held every Friday throughout the summer and early fall, this market features Colorado’s premier growers, specialty foods, flowers, artisans, textiles and jewelry in the Marina parking lot. Dillon’s main street is home to numerous locally owned shops and restaurants, and the Dillon Ridge Marketplace has larger stores and a multiplex movie theater. The Dillon Dam Brewery and Pug Ryan’s both produce fine local beers and good food.

Dillon offers great lodging and dining opportunities in a quaint, real town atmosphere without the hustle and bustle of the large resorts. No matter what your definition of fun and adventure might be, you can find it in Dillon, Colorado. Dillon has something for everyone.

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